A sound foundation for life.

Our Ethos

There is a warmth and energy at Uplands that means children thrive, tackling new challenges and developing greater confidence as they discover 'I can do it!'


Our Christian identity is woven into our daily routines and provides a model of how we interact with our families and with each other at Uplands.


Uplands children are inspired by their own learning power, having fun while developing skills in co-operative problem solving, independent reasoning and reflection.


Children at Uplands develop a range of skills and experience that connect them to the wider world, through community outreach, field trips and special learning opportunities.

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We are open during regular school terms and during the school holidays, when we offer a special programme of fun activities at a different pace.

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Where kids can be kids

At Uplands we believe in child-led learning, and in supporting and encouraging children to find their own solutions to problems.

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