Uplands Kindergarten Police Force

Recently a team of ‘police officers’ have been patrolling the playground here at Uplands. Our costumes have inspired the play and the children have been adding more resources like walkie talkies, phones, traffic signs and office stationary to add authenticity to their play.

While the interest in police role play has continued for a few weeks’ now the children’s focus has been around chasing and imprisoning baddies. The teachers recognised potential to introduce new knowledge about the role of police officers…

Tash (teacher) called a meeting with all the police officers and told a story about a police officer helping a lost child. Tash drew characters to help illustrate the plot. The children were enthusiastic about going outside to role play the story.

Since then the children have also learnt about custom dogs and officers at the airport and this has been incorporated into play. Pictured below are police dogs sniffing for fruit in a passenger’s luggage.

Come in and see the continuation of this story on our planning board!Read more