Smooth Transitions: Moving from Kindergarten to School

Thinking about the transition from Kindergarten to Primary School can evoke an array of emotions in children and parents. These emotions can vary from excitement to apprehension and many in between! We know that having an effective transition is critical for children’s confidence, resilience and ongoing success at school.

So what can we do to make this a positive experience? Recently, one of our teachers attended a workshop on this very important topic. The teachers were inspired to think about practical things we could do for our next group of school starters. Here’s what we’ve done so far…

The Explorers:

We have a group of three Uplands graduands who will be starting school soon. To build up their familiarity and confidence in the school environment the teachers organised a special trip for the group to go and be “explorers” at their school. We set off, camera’s in hand, for the children to take photographs of their school.

The children enjoyed noticing the similarities between Uplands and school, “That’s like our digger at kindy.”

Back at Kindy the children published a book about their school. Choosing their photos and typing the words.

Finally, the children shared their story at mat time.

Top Tips for supporting your Child’s Transition to School:

  • Take your child to visit their school on the weekend to play on the playground.
  • Find out about school visits that are run by school in the lead up to their transition.
  • Listen for opportunities from your child to talk or ask any questions they may have about school.
  • Connect with children and family’s that are transitioning to the same school.
  • Chat to the teachers at Uplands for more ideas tailored to your child.