Learning through play

SUPPORTING EARLY CHILDHOOD FRIENDSHIPS Social interaction, bonding with peers, and establishing and maintaining friendships are important developmental milestones that offer children many benefits. Not only do friends have the power to boost happiness, reduce stress, and help children cope with life’s difficulties, but they can encourage learning and help children develop confidence. Encouraging children to…

Ideas for the school holidays

Kathryn Ryan from Radio NZ talks to Karen Boyes about fun and family in the school holidays.

Nathan Wallis and our brain

If you click through to around the 7th minute into this TV programme, Nathan demonstrates, using a group of school children, how their brain works.  Take a look. Nathan Mikaere Wallis is a neuroscience educator, early childhood teacher, primary teacher, lecturer, and parent.

Nigel Latta comments on Self Control

Nigel Latta comments on Self-Control. I’ve talked about this a few times but thought I would post an article I wrote a few years ago for the simple reason that self-control is an important predictor of future outcomes for kids. Fortunately, it’s also a skill that can be learned – so read on….When you think…

New Entrant Parent Information

Further to our own transition to school programme, the information below should help to answer many of the questions you may have about school.First steps – before your child startsHave a play at the school in the weekend – walk around, explore the playgrounds, look through the windows and get familiar – things that become…